Thursday, March 17, 2005

I know I said I wouldn't turn this into a daddy-n-me blog, but hey, it's St. Patrick's Day and I can do what I damn well please, right? If I want to go and fooster about and get fluthered with a bunch of chancers, I'll go and do it. Or conversely, if I want to spend my morning with my wife getting an ultrasound of our little leprechaun, well I'll go and do that too.

In the first picture, the kidney bean shaped area in the upper right center is the uterus with the baby facing toward you. You can see the head, body, right arm and right leg (don't worry - we saw the left tenticles, I mean limbs, too).

In the second picture, you can see a bit closer up, but at somewhat of a different angle. We think the head is facing to the left. Or to the right. Or maybe it was a gas bubble. Whichever it is, Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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