Wednesday, October 06, 2004


So, as I was saying…

When I walked through the front door, I begin to wonder what was going on since there seemed to be lights on throughout the house. In the entryway above me, a light was on. In the hallway in front of me, a light was on. In the living room to my right, a light was on.

I followed my new friend to the left, however, and into a dark room. It was quiet, but I could make out that there was something in the room, or at least some sort of presence.

Without a word, he pointed to a light switch on the wall to my left. I noticed it wasn’t an ordinary flip-it-up-and-down kind of light switch, but more of a push button kind of device. As I stared at the switch, it occurred to me that a complete stranger had invited me into his home to perform the lightest of all physical activity. In fact, I had spent more energy climbing the steps than I was about to by turning on this light.

But I was glad to do it. This family’s cultural and religious tradition seemed to be a perfect bedfellow for my ignorance. By being exposed to something I had not much knowledge of, it would be illuminating for me in a much different way than it would be for them.

Extending my index finger, I reached out and ever so lightly touched the switch.

When the lights came up I realized I was standing at the edge of the dining room and that there were people seated around the table. There was a meal already laid out, ready to be eaten. Almost immediately someone came out of the kitchen with a platter full of more food. I considered asking, “What’s for dinner?” but remembered why I was out walking through the neighborhood in the first place.

When I got back down to the sidewalk, my wife and Bob were patiently waiting for me. I recounted the story in great detail as we walked on down to pick up our Chinese takeout… Which was Kosher, of course.

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