Friday, August 13, 2004


I feel like an untalented hack that no one wants to hire. There, I said it.

I apologize for the profanity-laced nature of the previous post, but it was something I was feeling at the time and needed to be said. I’ve had a couple of blows to my over-inflated ego this week, as there were two jobs that I interviewed for and didn’t get.

Oh yeah, and I didn’t want those jobs anyway.

Sure, it sounds like sour grapes, but it’s true. If I look at things objectively, it’s a blessing in disguise. One of the potential employers would have had something a lot to do with soap operas, which I couldn’t care about less about. The other, sort of a newsy/entertainment gig. Again, I’m not really that interested. The latter was described as follows:

*Tense, demanding, heart-pounding…

*Participate in daily 5am creative meetings…

*Ability to be de-railed for late-breaking news stories, and still keep it all together…

*Must be on call 24/7…

*Willing to forfeit family, friends, sleep…

*Stress filled position is awarded with commensurate salary…

Were these things I left my current situation to do? No. Would I have taken one of these positions if they were offered? Hmmm... I would've liked to think I would have held out for something better, but since I’m still in need of a job, I applied anyway. I interviewed. I got a voicemail message and a nice form letter informing me they were each going with someone else.

What? Who wouldn’t want to hire me? I cannot believe this. I thought I was bulletproof.

So, I’ve been knocked down a few notches and that’s okay. I know things will work out; I still have a few other irons in the fire. The jobs I’m actually excited about are still up in the air. There are other places I’ve interviewed that haven’t said no… Yet.

It’s just that it would have been nice to been offered one of those other jobs, even if I were going to decline the opportunity. I just would have been nice to feel wanted.

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