Thursday, June 24, 2004



For those of you not familiar with my trash receptacle saga, please read the entry from Friday, June 18.

Yesterday, I come home to find this. Mind you, this was Wednesday afternoon and trash pickup day is Friday.

He is mocking me.

As a self-righteous and self-justifying aside, please note the three black bins on the far right are partially blocking the driveway of the apartment building next door (the bins belong to the apartment on the left). Since I was accused of this egregious behavior, I find it only fair (and childish) to point out that he is doing the same thing.

One can only surmise that the intention of this action is to take up a perfectly good parking space for more than two days, and dare me into action.

I am not about to fall into his passive-aggressive trap, however.

No, I have my own plans. Under the cover of darkness, I will covertly engage in my own brand of passive-aggressive, yet legal, behavior. I won't park in the space. I won't move them in front of his driveway. I will however, move them up onto the curb and off the street, leaving a free and clear parking space for all freedom-loving citizens.

He will hate that.

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