Sunday, June 06, 2004


I thought I might post a story I wrote sometime ago, and by some time ago, I mean when I was about seven or eight. For some reason, I had my mother type up the story for posterity and today, I thank her.

To put this story in context, you might want to think of a young snot-nosed kid with a bowl haircut living in a very liberal, hippie infested town in the Pacific Northwest back in the mid-to-late 1970s.


There was this dragon about 300 years ago who would devour about anything. I might as well tell you he loved to eat, but man would he joyously eat a pig.

He was a big, giant, fat dragon. He had people bring a tribute every day. If they didn't, he would devour them, so people brought a tribute very day. The tribute was one pig, two sheep, three chickens, and he was always gorging on pigs. Like on Thanksgiving you see people gorging on turkey and cranberry sauce and other stuff that you eat on Thanksgiving. Well, when there was no more stuff to tribute, the dragon lost his patience and went to villages and went wringing people's necks and eating them.

There was this man that lived around there. He was a disheartened man. One day he decided to get rid of the dragon once and for all. He went out and got some bast and made a rope. He went out in the brush and caught the dragon. He was seizing the dragon and finally seized the dragon. The dragon was scared half to death and the dragon started wailing, "Let me go!"

The man said, "Okay, on one condition, but let me throw a spear at you," and the dragon said, "Well, okay."

He let the dragon go and he did not really throw it, he held on to it and acted like he threw it and kept it in his hand. The dragon was so scared he ran into a pond and the pond was deep and the dragon drowned.

The people that lived in the village had to boast because the man that killed the dragon lived in their village. Some villagers had disbelief in that.

The end.

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