Monday, May 17, 2004


Time for a little bookkeeping:

1. I shaved off my beard and cut off all my hair. Granted, I did have a mohawk last night for about an hour, but that was quickly taken care of by the clippers. This can only mean one thing. Yes folks, yours truly has completed his first feature-length screenplay. Everyone else in this town is doing it, so why shouldn’t I be another lemming to jump off the cliff?

2. I am experiencing my first bout with mild carpal tunnel. Ouch.

3. The “ask me one question and I’ll tell you an outrageous lie” contest is now closed, if only because I’m running out of lies. I have to save a few zingers for when the cops pick me up, right? That, and the damn carpal tunnel. Ouch. I will notify everyone personally when the competition is open again.

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