Friday, April 09, 2004


Holy cow.

You see, I was out walking my dog and as we came up on a busy intersection, we stopped to wait for the crossing signal. As we were standing there, this car cuts across traffic to make a left hand turn... and yep, they weren't paying attention.

And then comes a couple of motorcycles zooming down the road.

One of them barely misses being hit, but the second bike wasn't so lucky. BAM! Right into the car, broadside. As I was witnessing this, I was thinking the rider was going to hit and fly right over the car, but in a moment of last second instinct (or panic) they laid the bike down.

The rider's body slammed into the car, but luckily by the time they hit the car, they had slowed down enough for it not to be a major accident.

I noticed the rider was a woman and she was amazingly calm for what had just happened. She just stood up and looked into the window of the car. Everyone was okay. Thank goodness she was wearing a helmet and leather jacket.

Here's a picture of the bike being taken away.

Damn. My first entry and I'm writing about an accident that happened 20 feet in front of me 20 minutes ago.

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