Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Being new to the whole blog thing, I recently realized that one of the greatest things about it is the anonymous aspect.

That being said, I would like to reveal a little bit about who I am, albeit anonymously. So, here are some tidbits about me that should be specific enough to learn something, yet vague enough to know nothing:

-I live in Los Angeles, although I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.

-I work in the entertainment industry. More specifically, for a dating show you’ve probably seen. Even more specifically, I write for this show in some capacity.

-I am married.

-I have a dog and a cat.

-I love dark chocolate.

-I hate mushrooms.

I’m sure that I’ll reveal more about myself in upcoming entries, but that should be a start. I have a few stories to tell and here you’ll get to read them.

In honor of all things anonymous, or pseudonymous, as Rance puts it, here are some pictures taken in West Hollywood on a dark and scary Halloween night. Yes, one of them could be me, or maybe not…

P.S. And for all you aspiring writers, or creative types out there, here's a little advice I recently read from Jack Kerouac: "When you get stuck, don't think about the words. Imagine it better and keep going."

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